Carbon black processing line/carbon black production line technology

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The main raw materials of carbon black production are oil products and coal tar pitch products. Hydrocarbons through incomplete combustion or pyrolysis formed at high temperatures. Here we would like to introduce carbon black processing line/carbon black production line technology.

Waste tyre pyrolysis carbon black processing line/carbon black production line technology

Through waste tyre pyrolysis plant gets pyrolysis carbon black. Pyrolysis carbon black can be further processed into different sizes by carbon black grinding mill, and broadly used in rubber and painting. This is a green-energy and environmental protection carbon black production line. For more details, check waste tyre pyrolysis carbon black production line.

Lamp black carbon black processing line/carbon black production line technology

The earliest carbon black production line technology is the lamp black carbon black production line technology. In the process, the raw materials burn on the 1.5 m diameter combustion flat iron plate. The combustion gas containing carbon black from the inside lined with brick row hood to collect, then the tube reaches the deposition device by bending (bending 1/4) and through fire lamp. In order to control the properties of carbon black produced, should ensure vicinity of the gap between the combustion and exhaust cover plate, the main raw material for the incomplete combustion. In slightly into the inside of a conduit, the combustion in the event of lack of oxygen warm solution, and thus form larger carbon black particles, because of these reasons, the composition of a wide range of particle size distribution, the main features of coarse particles. Since the particles between the disk and the combustion exhaust hood gap formed only a small portion can be in contact with oxygen in the air part, so only a small amount of these carbon black surface oxides, the corresponding neutral pH, and the volatiles were minimal.

Gas black carbon black processing line/carbon black production line technology

The raw material is heated to vaporized hydrocarbons, and then by the pyrophoric gases (supplied with energy) as a carrier to the burner, the carbon black in the bat-shaped issued burner lot fan-shaped flame is generated. Since each beam are small and the combustion flame in air, the formation of carbon black, and lamp black production process is very different (incomplete combustion). In this very fine carbon black particles, depending on the type, the average particle diameter can get between 10 ~ 30nm, gas black average particle diameter is about 13 nm. The combustion flame, is filled with water of a slowly rotating drum, the drum is deposited on the carbon black, the carbon black in blown away by blown, when the temperature is still high, the new generation of carbon black in contact with the oxygen in the air, Then partially oxidized to form a large number of acidic groups, the corresponding gas black acidic range between pH values and can obtain about 6% volatile matter, on behalf of its surface oxide content.

Channel black carbon black processing line/carbon black production line technology

This production process using natural gas as raw materials, similar gas combustion process with a process gas channel black production process, natural gas combustion, many fan-shaped flame issuing, black similar products obtained with gas, but the difference is here used flat water-cooled U-shaped groove as a settler carbon black. Because of the ecological and economic reasons, many years ago the carbon black producers stop using this method. Black and gas production will not impact on the environment, and this process is still in use gas blacks.

Furnace black carbon black processing line/carbon black production line technology

Black is the gas produced in the open air, but furnace black production process is in a closed furnace under hypoxic conditions carried out. Not using a lot of bundle a small fire, but a large group of flame to oil as raw material, and adding combustible gas so as to reach the desired temperature in the furnace. Change furnace black production process conditions needed to obtain the black pigment. For example: Under different conditions, the carbon black can achieve a broad range of average particle diameter, as small as from 80 nm to 15 nm, more until gas black as fine to small particles. But for the same particle size, gas furnace black and black is still a difference, mainly surface chemistry is different. Furnace black product is rough, an average particle diameter of 40nm. In addition, when using furnace black production process, adding a small amount of a basic compound or other additives to change the type and degree of aggregation of aggregates, thereby to obtain high structure carbon black or low structure.

Since furnace black is almost lower than atmospheric pressure and less than atmospheric conditions produced. So most of them lack the acidic surface oxides, but it has found alkaline reacting pyrone structure mentioned earlier. On furnace black alkaline pH, because the carbon black is generated upon termination of the injection of cold water was added to quench the alkaline earth, and a basic salt is added to reduce the structure. Further, if this is no longer subjected to oxidation treatment furnace black, the lower parts of its volatile content.

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