Plasma technology to process carbon black production

Author : Clirik

In high-temperature plasma generator to replace fuel oil furnace carbon black (or fuel gas) and air mixture to produce hot combustion cracking feed oil (or gas) to produce carbon black, has many advantages.

1, the raw oil (or gas ) in high yield, but not limited to, high aromatic content of the feedstock, the plasma technology to process carbon black production can alleviate the problem of oil shortages of raw materials;

2, byproduct of hydrogen can be used as chemical raw materials or as a clean fuel for vehicles;

3, The plasma technology to process carbon black production do not produce emissions C0, C02, S02, NOx, etc. harmful emissions, which are environmentally friendly;

4, tail gas containing less cleavage reaction can reduce investment and operating costs of the carbon black collection system;

5, The higher the plasma temperature, a wide range of beneficial species diversity of carbon black.

However, from the plasma of the test situation on carbon black production, there are some problems, such as plasma generators consume more power, plasma gas tend to use higher-priced gas such as nitrogen; electrode to generate the plasma may be loss interior of the reactor will produce coke, make difficult the process of continuous and stable operation of the reaction; the temperature distribution within the reactor is difficult to control, resulting in unstable product quality, and often due to high temperature so that the product mixed with graphitized carbon, or temperature is too low due to the carbon black surface with a completely uncracked hydrocarbons.

Funded by the French government, since 1993, the French School of Mines and several corporate joint production of carbon black in the middle of a plasma test, recent reports indicate that the reactor structure and reaction technology have made two new progress. Researchers using different materials methane, ethylene, naphthalene, ethylene tar and rapeseed oil, made out of specific surface area of ​​52-90m2 / g, DBP is black 90-205ml / 100g, and its physical and mechanical properties of rubber are close to conventional rubber, carbon black, and their specific surface area and structure consistent with these black.

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