Γ- ray treatment using in carbon black production line

Author : Clirik

Usingγ-ray-treated carbon black is becoming a practical technology to improve carbon black performance in carbon black production line.

French Cartel multi γ-ray irradiation of graphite, carbon black and silica fillers such as found, in filling these through γ- rays treated filler of the rubber compound, the bound rubber content increased significantly, which increases the graphite 67 % silica increased by 20%, N660 carbon black increased by 45%, N375 carbon black increased by 40%, N234 carbon black increased by 20%.

Test Raman spectra show that the surface of the graphite peak similar fullerenes, the reason is irradiated with γ rays cause surface defect of graphite or "introducing a defect", so that the surface active sites increased. N234 carbon black surface area of the original active site more, so combined with less increase in the content of gum, but the compound properties of N234 carbon black filler irradiated styrene-butadiene rubber, a significant improvement (e.g., modulus increase of 20%), thus using γ-ray-treated carbon black, carbon black is likely to be a way to improve the performance of practical technology.

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