Carbon black application & processing machine

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The main purpose of carbon black is fine coal particles after petroleum raw materials by the incomplete combustion of fuels formed. Its composition is mainly of elemental carbon, hydrogen and oxygen and containing a small amount of sulfur. Carbon black particle is approximately spherical silica particles, particle size ranging between μ. Many particles often agglomerate into frit or branched, or three-dimensional bond fibrous aggregates. In rubber processing, added by kneading rubber as a reinforcing agent, see Reinforcements and fillers. Carbon black is one of the oldest industrial products. Application mainly for rubber reinforcing agent and filler, its consumption is about half of the rubber consumption, accounting for carbon black for rubber total, of which about for tire manufacturing. In addition, paints and plastics as an ink colorant and plastics ultraviolet shielding agent.


In many other products, such as cosmetics and resistor electrode dry polishing paste, carbon black is also important auxiliaries. Mainly used furnace black rubber, carbon black, the finer the particle size, the more favorable the higher its reinforcing properties of the carbon black structure, the higher modulus and modulus. For fine carbon black powder processing machine, super fine carbon black grinding mill/grinder mill is needed, to grind carbon black into super fine powders.


Fine particle size of reinforcement breed mainly for tire tread, tire gives excellent wear resistance. Other parts of the tire, such as sidewall ply belt buffer layer and an inner liner, require rubber flex cracking resistance, resistance to ozone oxidation has good resilience and low heat performance, generally used in coarser particle size the specific surface area of ​​less than a half-reinforcing furnace black. Groove black pigment widely used in inks and plastics coatings. In particular news ink pigment ink mainly used channel black. In the paint manufacturing process, highly pigmented black tank gives excellent advanced automotive paint and gloss black, channel black pigment used for general industrial coatings. In addition, channel black pigment is also used as polyolefins ultraviolet shielding agent, for improving the weather resistance of plastics. Channel black is mainly used for rubber tires and especially off-road tire tread rubber engineering, it gives high strength and good tread wear resistance. Thermal cracking carbon black, also called pyrolysis carbon black, is mainly used in rubber related products. For this pyrolysis carbon black processing machine, we can refer pyrolysis carbon black production line

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