Refining carbon black from waste tyre/tire and waste rubber

Author : Clirik

Carbon black is indispensable to the national economy, is an important chemical raw material, which accounts for the proportion of very large applications in rubber. China's carbon black production line process behind the slots law through the progressive realization of the current production process of advanced furnace. But his expensive raw materials, process technology, strict control of huge equipment, require a certain experimental conditions, employing more high cost of production of carbon black. In rubber applications it does not participate in specific chemical reactions, but which play a role in crosslinking skeleton and bridge. The study, the carbon black in the rubber product is capable of reversible; carbon black processing machine recycling technology is possible.


Therefore, Shanghai Clirik Machinery developed the use of waste rubber tires reversibility of this polymer material, the past soot pollution reduction in garbage out tires, both for the benefit of the community but also create greater economic benefits for the user. At present, the demand and carbon black production, flat, greater foreign demand, while domestic carbon black production line facilities are mostly put into use in the late years of age, has been unable to ensure normal production. The raw coal tar oil furnace blacks can not be used to ensure the normal supply. It can be seen, with our company developed the carbon black equipment is operating at full capacity it is difficult to fill such a big gap. Therefore, the market prospect is very broad.


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