Carbon black and carbon black processing machine development history

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In modern petrochemical feedstocks, carbon black is one of the important products of the earliest humans know. In ancient times, carbon black was known as "soot" or "loose tobacco", "Dust," the name has been used to the late nineteenth century. Since 1872 the modern carbon black industry and carbon black processing machine development, these old names was replaced by carbon black this name.


China is the first production of carbon black country in the world, dating back three thousand years ago, the Yin Oracle is to use ink made of soot recorded text, a lot of bamboo in ancient China are also written with ink. Wei Dan of Wei Dynasty (AD 176 -257 years) is engaged in the manufacture of carbon black (to do with black ink made of high quality raw materials) of experts. Three Kingdoms, Cao Zhi Wei (AD 192-232 years) had "Mexican pine smoke out of" records. To the third century AD, Jin, loose tobacco manufacturing handicraft production of carbon black has been quite common. Southern Tang (tenth century AD), China began using tung oil and other animal and vegetable oils, the lighting conditions in the absence of sufficient air, so that the oil is not completely combustion, carbon black smoke unite under the ceramic bowl to collect, to the preparation of high-quality carbon black. Our ancient scholars of Jia, Shen Kuo, consistent, Sung, etc. In their works, including the section and summarizes the working people of ancient China's production of carbon black experience, and the simple carbon black processing machine, which has made a great contribution. Arts for the People is after the sixth century of Jia's representative works, is the world's first black character description, history of science purposes, in the book on the nature and requirements of the carbon black to do this description: "This things to slight, not exposed sieve, hi lost flew, not accidentally. "These same Modern highly scattered on black sex, features tiny colloidal particles are fairly consistent.


Song outstanding scholar Shen Kuo, in his book Dream Pool Essays, first proposed to take carbon from petroleum system approach and through their own personal practice, prove that black ink made from petroleum being made, "Mexican light such as paint pine smoke less too, "but also the scientific preparation of carbon black oil foresee future development. This insightful views has been confirmed by the rapid development of modern oil furnace carbon black book in the Song Dynasty [consistent], not only Mojing loose tobacco manufacturing methods are detailed records, but also on the time of technical experience to do a general summary. The name of the late scholar Sung in 1637 book Heavenly Creations, a book of carbon black processing machine and carbon black production line equipment and factors affecting the quality of both are discussed, tobacco kiln upper Sung as described in the dome, "as boat awning style, every bit Festival, opened a hole out of the smoke ". This design is very scientific, it can be said that the modern manufacturing equipment disposal carbon black pheasant sentence.


Carbon black manufacturing, Japan and Europe and the United States, according to the literature, is from China and brought to Japan, Eastern countries, and then spread to Greece, Rome, and finally passed in Europe. After the 16th century, Germany, France, Britain and other countries, is starting with tar, lard, resins and other raw materials for the preparation of soot.


In 1864 the United States began to artificial gas through combustion to collect slate surface scraped with a scraper and access to quality soot. This is the method used by the ancient country is basically the same until 1872, was the first to achieve world-scale production of carbon black, while the emergence of the "carbon black" term, which is the beginning of modern ink industry, the 1982 invention the channel carbon black production line, appeared in 1944 HAF, the late fifties, super abrasion furnace black, furnace black GM appeared in succession, so far only the carbon black for rubber has already reached more than four varieties species.


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