What is carbon black?

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In real life, people tend to lack of understanding on the carbon black, because carbon black tie only when the substance as an additive to other products, carbon black rarely used alone, such as rubber, tires and other products, in order to show an important role.


In fact, carbon black, graphite, charcoal, etc, although the same material consisting of carbon, the internal structure is not the same.


The industry carbon black by hydrocarbons (i.e., hydrocarbon) obtained by the incomplete combustion of black powdery substance having a high degree of dispersion, which is composed mainly of carbon, which has a quasi-graphite crystallite structure.


"Carbon black" the term is actually a generic term for a variety of uses including carbon black products within each of the carbon black has a specific physicochemical properties, materials of this nature with the use of combustion pyrolysis process, production methods and operating conditions are closely related, the carbon black in a vacuum or an inert gas high temperature treatment, the microcrystalline structure of its quasi-graphite particles tend ordered graphite crystal, called a graphitized carbon black, which carbon black particles are not only Microscopic structure of theoretical significance, but also in the carbon industry also has practical applications.


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