Carbon black powder processing machine - Carbon Black Powder Grinding Mill

Author : Clirik

Carbon black is black powder organic materials under conditions of incomplete combustion produced, in ancient times, we used to modulate the ink and black pigment. In modern times, through research experiments, we found that black is hydrocarbons in air condition insufficient incomplete combustion or decomposition warm amorphous carbon generated. From this time onwards the production of carbon black, manual operation into a large-scale industrial age.


After decades of research, the carbon black with a variety of classification in the classification, according to the production methods can be divided into lamp black, gas black, furnace black and channel black; accordance with the purposes and divided pigment carbon black, rubber black, black point and for carbon black; according to functional roles are divided into reinforcing carbon black, colored black, conductive carbon black. After the study, we found that the fineness of the carbon black in the case of the smaller, the higher the degree of light absorption, the lower the degree of light scattering; it also decreases the color intensity and increased fineness; black The finer the fineness, the more points of contact between them, the stronger their cohesion; black is also considered to be the best UV stabilizers, can prolong the outdoor life of plastic products. The use of these methods and properties of carbon black in many places it has been widely used. Shanghai Clirik Machinery on the use of carbon black developed specialized carbon black processing machine - Carbon Black Grinding Mill.


Carbon Black grinding mill, although can not process carbon black directly into nanometers, it can be processed to microns. In today's milling machinery manufacturing technology, the degree of processing micron is already the highest level we can produce, and in order to process carbon black machined to nanometer level, micron carbon black is necessary, carbon black grinding mill, one set of carbon black processing machine, can meet this demand. 

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