Methods of Carbon Black Making Process

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Carbon black is a kind of industrial raw material with a wide range of use. The main role of carbon black is reinforcement, wear and filling, etc.,in the tire, rubber, plastics and other industries play an irreplaceable role. In general, Carbon Black Making Process methods are mainly the following:

Furnace method

This approach is making natural gas or high aromatic oil do incomplete combustion or pyrolysis in the reactor to produce Carbon Black. This carbon black is also known as furnace black, occupies a large proportion of carbon black varieties. According to the different forms of raw materials used, furnace black production can be divided into gas furnace and oil furnace method. The former use natural gas as raw material and fuel, the latter use natural gas, coke oven gas, liquid hydrocarbons, and raw materials are mostly high aromatic oil, such as ethylene tar and anthracene oil. Main production process of Furnace method is the reactor as the core, in which air and fuel is burned. The raw material is sprayed into the combustion flame after being atomized, and pyrolyzed at high temperature to produce carbon black. Carbon black suspended in the combustion residual gas forms flue gas, and the flue gas is quenched and then sent to the air preheater and oil preheater to be cooled down, and is sent to a bag filter at last. The separated carbon black is sent to a granulator for granulation and then dried in a dryer.

Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant

Groove method

It use mainly natural gas as raw materials, channel for the contact surface of flame to produce carbon black. This carbon black is called channel black. In this way, carbon black surface is oxidized, containing many oxygen-containing functional groups to make it appear acidic, and can slow down hydrophobic rate of rubber, improve the weatherability of polyolefins, and enhance the flow of ink and printing.

Pyrolysis method

To take waste tires as raw materials, through high-temperature cracking, produce carbon black. It is called as pyrolysis carbon black. In the carbon black variety, its surface area is the lowest, essentially as a single spherical particle.

Carbon black produced by the three methods is roughly the same in performance, but there will be slight differences in morphology. Amont them the most environmentally friendly energy-saving method is carbon black cracker system. The production process is not simple, it is necessary to strictly control every process in order to produce high-quality carbon black.
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