The Role of Carbon Black in Rubber Tires

Author : Clirik

Carbon black can be used in tire production in the rubber industry. The carbon black used in the tire industry accounts for about 80% of the carbon black required by the entire rubber industry. Generally we call rubber products excepting motor vehicle tires as "rubber products". Rubber products consume about 20% of the carbon black used in rubber products each year. And if you want to produce Carbon Black, we can supply you Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant for carbon black making. So we can see, relationship between Carbon Black and Tyre is so close.

There are many types of rubber products, and conditions of using and requirements of performance are different. According to the main function, rubber products can be devided into rubber seals, rubber roller, conductive or anti-static rubber products, rubber and rubber shoes, and other hard rubber products. And according to use, each type of rubber product can be devided into many types. To meet the performance requirements of various products, rubber formulations from the use of rubber, curing system, reinforcing filling system, softening system, anti-aging system and add 3252 art system, considering the choice of a reasonable formula, a variety of agents, and the process conditions, to meet the requirements of product performance.


Carbon black is an important reinforcing filler in reinforcing filling system. It has important influence on physical and mechanical properties and processing technology of rubber compound, but it has slight influence on heat resistance, oil resistance and corrosion resistance properties of rubber compound, which is less than that on rubber, curing system and protection system.

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