Passing Rate and Influencing Factors of Carbon Black Mill

Author : Clirik

Saying application of carbon black to rubber, we should take Passing Rate of of Carbon Black Grinding Mill Machine into account. Passing Rate of of Grinding Mill Machine refers to the powder content fraction of carbon black powder into the mixing process. The powder content also need to be controled, usually particle size more than 125μm is called the particle, less than 125μm called powder. Too much powder content will affect the quality of rubber mixing. So the lower the crushing rate of carbon black grinding mill machine, the better. But what are the main factors that affect Passing Rate of Carbon Black Mill Machine?

Carbon Black Grinding Mill Machine

From the the form of particle movement in the air flow, differences in size and content of each other make the air resistance different. Speed and direction of particle movement will change, and it causes a noticeable speed difference between the particles, friction and collision with each other. Even if carbon black particles with same size, quality, shape, moving in different pipe position, their broken rate will be different. The reason for this is that axial velocity, mirror speed, and circumferential velocity differ in some locations in the pipe.

In addition, different types of carbon black, its own broken rate will be different. Some research departments have done a similar experiment, different types of carbon black in the same transport conditions for the experiment, the total crushing rate are very different.

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