Application of Carbon Black Grinding Mill in Cement Industry

Author : Clirik

Carbon black is a non-metallic mineral with the main component of coal. It has the characteristics of big specific gravity, large hardness, stable chemical property, insoluble in water and acid. It is widely used in petroleum, natural gas drilling mud aggravating agent, a variety of white pigments, paints and rubber, chemicals and other petrochemical fields. Carbon black powder production line needs jaw crusher, hoist, Raymond Mill, etc., according to the fineness of finished products can choose high-pressure or ultra-fine grinding mill.

Carbon black grinding mill

After Carbon black Grinding Mill's processing, barite in the cement industry is in a wide range of applications. Using in barite and fluorite compound mineralizer in cement production has obvious effect on promoting C3S formation and activation of C3S, and the quality of clinker is improved. The early strength of cement can be increased by 20-25%, the late strength is increased about 10%. The clinker firing temperature is reduced from 1450 ℃ to 1300 ± 50 ℃. Barite content is 0.8-1.5%, the effect is the best.
Carbon black is a non-renewable resources, is one of minerals with export advantages in our country. Carbon black grinding mill in China is mainly for superfine powder material processing of feldspar, talc, barite, marble, limestone, carbon black, fineness in the 80 mesh -500 mesh, the most fine powder is 3000 mesh, with high-production and no-pollution. 

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