How to Protect Our Environment When We are Processing Carbon Black?

Author : Clirik

The energy-saving is a very important problem when we are using a calcium black grinding mill to process the calcium black. If we can solve this problem, it is not only can reduce the loss of raw materials, also can play a very important role in environmental protection. We can adopt these methods to reduce the pollution.

1. Fully integrated resources. We have to make full use of the resources, such as, surplus coke oven gas, coal tar, pure oxygen and other resources. We can use these resources in the carbon black grinding mill, so that reduces the costs of production and improve economic efficiency.

2. A reasonable design. We should take an efficient online heat transfer equipment, make full use of the physical sensible of carbon black to preheat the air, and the temperature of raw material oil, so that produces a steam with low-pressure, used in heating the piping of the production system.

3. Set a boiler to dispose the tail gas. Recycling and using the chemical heat of the tail gas in carbon black, so that the tail gas can be used in generate electricity.

calcium black grinding mill

4. Use an oxygen-rich production process. Improve the device of capacity, and decrease the production of energy consumption when we are using a carbon black grinding mill.

5. Set a dehydration plant in tail gas system. In this step, we can remove the vapour in the tail gas, to improve the calorific value of the exhaust, use the high heat value of tail gas in the generate electricity of the tail gas boiler, to improve production efficiency.

Take a useful method in the production process of carbon black grinding mill, not only can save energy and protect the environment. also can reduce our costs. If you want to know more about new technology and products, please visit our website, and leave your message on it.

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