The Processing of Clirik Carbon Black Grinding Mill

Author : Clirik

As we all know, the carbon black grinding mill is a common grinding machine which is used in the processing of carbon black. There are four different types carbon black grinding mill that could be used in carbon black powder processing. The four parts are: coarse powder processing, fine powder processing, ultra fine powder processing and micro powder processing. And there are mainly having four parts in the processing of carbon black grinding mill.

The first stage: crushing

In the first stage, we will crush the larger pieces of material into the small pieces which could be putted in the grinding mill.

The second stage: grinding

The small pieces materials which were crushed before, will get into the silo by the hoist, and then by the vibration feeder the materials would really into the carbon black grinding mill. If you want to process the fine powder maybe the vertical roller mill will be your best choice, and European version grinding mill, high pressure trapezoidal grinding mill are widely used in fine powder processing. But the carbon black grinding mill is the best grinding machine to process ultra fine powder.

carbon black grinding mill

The third stage: grading

After processing by carbon black grinding mill, the carbon black powder would be thrown into the classifier, and the powder which is unqualified will return the carbon black grinding mill to re-grinding.

The fourth stage: collect powder

The fourth stage is the final stage, the powder which is have a qualified fineness will through the pipe with the air flow into the dust collector, and the finish powder will be feed into the finish silo by the delivery, and then the carbon black powder will be packed.

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