The Widely Use of Carbon Black Powder

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Carbon black grinding mill is one of common grinding equipment which is used in carbon black powder process. And this grinding mill is playing an important role in the production of carbon black powder. Carbon black powder has a very widely range of uses. Clirik will share with you two more common use of carbon black powder.

1. Coloring carbon black

After we use of carbon black grinding mill, we can get the carbon black powder. And the carbon black powder can be used for plastic coloring, according to the coloring properties or physical and chemical properties of pigment carbon black, coloring the choice of varieties of carbon black with the finished product must be basically black set. With a very fine pigment carbon black can complete the requirements of the black color is particularly high; PE garbage bags, plastic bags, cable materials such products only need a moderate level of blackness, you can use a lower specific surface area, the structure of high carbon black varieties ; Plastic pallet, carbon black weighing and ingredients of the small errors occur, will lead to significant color, therefore, should adopt the larger particle size, color strength of the poor low-carbon black, so that the amount of carbon black can be slightly Large, weighing error is relatively small, and a better dispersion, lower prices.

carbon black grinding mill

2. Application of UV protection

Carbon black is one of the purposes of anti-UV aging in the plastics industry, because carbon black has a high absorbance, which can effectively prevent the plastic from sunlight and photo-oxidative degradation. Carbon black as a UV stabilizer in the role of plastic is: the light energy into heat; to protect the plastic surface from a certain wavelength of radiation; interception of atomic groups and produce anti-aging effect, thus preventing catalytic degradation. Ultraviolet rays are particularly harmful to polyolefins. Tests have shown that when a certain fineness of carbon black is at a concentration of 2 percent, a perfect UV shielding effect can be achieved. So choose a suitable carbon black grinding mill could ensure the high efficiency of UVprotection.

Of course, carbon black powder is always playing a variety of roles in our daily life. If you want to know more about the use of carbon black powder or some details about carbon black grinding mill. You can get in touch with us.

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