Structure and Technical Advantages of Carbon Black Ultrafine Grinding Mill

Author : Clirik

With the technical advantages of carbon black milling machine is more and more obvious, China's mining machinery and equipment is mainly based on Grinding Mill, Ultrafine Grinding Mill and complete sets of production lines. Grinding Equipments of Clirik get the trust of new and old customers by unique technology and good service. Let's see technical advantages of Clirik carbon black grinding mill.

Mill performance and technical advantages of Carbon Black Grinding Mill:

1.The whole machine consists of the host, fans, analyzers, dust collector, dust collector and other components. The compact structure of each component is reasonable, and its prominent feature is easy to operate, the use of safety, sealing and noise.
2.the use of mill cavity with variety of models, flexible application, strong adaptability.
Mill only need to replace the fixed cone liner, set ring gear liner, grinding chamber cavity from the standard ultra-coarse cavity type to short head ultra-fine cavity type of arbitrary transformation. In addition, the body has a fineness analyzer, when loosen the analyzer on the bolt, move up to reduce the fineness, move down to increase fineness, transferr it to the fineness you need, and fix bolts, it can be operated into production.
Carbon Black Ultrafine Grinding Mill
3.consumable consumes few, the running cost is low.
Reasonable structure, advanced milling principle and technical parameters, reliable operation, low operating cost; all parts have wear-resistant protection, the maintenance costs will be reduced to a minimum, the general life can be increased by 30% or more.
4.The air volume regulator is installed on the machine, which can adjust the air volume, and the air volume is large and the fineness will be small. Fineness: 30-3000 mesh.Yield and fineness is different according to the specific gravity of different materials and fineness of the different. motor equipped in the host can be large or small, according to the fineness of the material yield.

5.Carbon Black Ultrafine Grinding Mill higher production capacity, the best product fineness, and it's easy to be automatic controlled, with maximum reliability and flexibility, and truly create more value for the user.
6.large grinding proportion, high production efficiency.
Combine higher speed with stroke, rated power and passing rate of new Carbon Black Ultrafine Grinding Mill is greatly improved, improving the milling ratio and production efficiency.
7.alloy cutting tools has characteristics of wear-resistant sharp, reliable and advanced, improving service life.
Unique milling system design, greatly improving the equipment life. Mill room use multi-stage grinding process and crushing principle device, which is characterized by work impact, high production efficiency, crushing ability.

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