Price for a Carbon Black Grinding Mill

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Carbon Black Grinding Mill

With the development of the industry now, according to the market survey, carbon black powder gradually applied in the major industries. Carbon Black Grinding Mill produced by us is on the development of the design process of the traditional Raymond Mill, specifically for the deep processing of carbon black. The company specially organized a number of mill experts to develop carbon black milling machine, not only play a significant role for the further processing of carbon black, but also has created a great contribution for social development! Carbon Black Grinding Mill is mainly used in mining, metallurgy, chemicals, building materials, refractories, cement, fertilizer and so on, and materials such as: carbon black, coke, clay, titanium dioxide, emery, shale, clay, bentonite, calcium carbonate, gypsum, coal gangue, limestone, pyrophyllite, red iron oxide, ceramics, glass Materials.

Carbon Black Grinding Mill

Performance characteristics of Carbon Black Grinding Mill
1.large scope of application, for a variety of materials grinding with hardness in the following 6. 
2.In the role of high-pressure springs, finished fineness is greatly increased.
3.Compared with the air mill, the system energy consumption is low.
4.Low investment, high efficiency, fast recovery.
5.self-system, less production links, the material 25mm below can be directly into the machine.
6.No pollution, dust effect fully meets the national standards.
7.Sealing effect of roller device is good.
Shanghai Clirik supply you Carbon Black Grinding Mill with good quality and reasonable price. 

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